Are you producing Quality Software?

What is Quality SoftwareWhen I buy software, I want quality.  I could have spent $17 or $1997 however it doesn’t matter what the price is, I expect quality.

If your product is quality software, no matter what it’s price point, you will have satisfied customers and build your reputation.

What is Quality Software?

Quality Software delivers!

Whatever you said it could do in the sales page, it does!  It will put a post on my Facebook page, it finds information on the net, it can create a curated post, it creates Youtube video links, it does what it said it would do and it’s QUALITY SOFTWARE.  It delivered what I paid for.

Quality Software is easy to use.

On your sales page, I was promised it was easy to install and easy to use.  If it’s Quality Software then it does exactly that.  I don’t find out after I buy it I need a tech team with years of experience in it to get it on my blog or install it on my computer.  Just as you promised, it’s easy to install and easy to use.

Quality Software has good customer support.

You don’t have to have a zendesk or 24/7 support, I just need to know that if you say you will get back to me within 12/24 or 48 hours you will.  I also expect that when you launch, you have as much support as possible during that launch period.  Be truthful to your customers about what you can and can’t provide for support.

If you can provide all of the above, then I know I have received what I paid for and I will be a happy customer.

That’s what I think is quality software, let me know your thoughts! 

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