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Imagine this:

You’re an internet marketer. (Probaby not too hard to imagine!)

You just got a new idea for some awesome IM (or other niche) type software.

You’re a great marketer (or you have friends that are), and

you know you’ll make thousands of dollars

when you make your new software idea a reality.

The problem is – while you’re probably very technically savvy and know your way around computers,

you’re not a programmer, but while you’re quite certain you could make a killing off the idea, you haven’t fully considered the engineering requirements of your product idea.

And that’s natural, since you’re not really an engineer.

And who wants to be an engineer –

The fun part is making the money :)

So what do you do – hire some perhaps eastern based outsourcer to guide you through the process, for as little out-of-pocket as possible.

Right? Sure, why not.

And at the end of the day, you may end up with a product.

And it might even work!

But will that outsourcer have attended to every little detail and nicety that your users really expect and want in a software?

Will it have all the infrastructure required to make it marketable world-class product?

Probably not. In fact, I think the story will more likely be, it was like pulling teeth to even get the core features into the software.

Since you’re not a technician,

you are pretty much stuck with what the “expert” tells you.

You may even be able to communicate your wants and needs successfully to the outsourcer, but then you find that the number of hours quoted is outside your budget, to get the features you need.

You even might be able to get the features you need at the price originally intended, but the amount of time it takes to actually receive the finished beta (let alone the final production release) puts you sometime into next year, when your market has already cooled off.

On the other hand, you may get your product delivered very quickly, with all the requirements — but with a catch: the additional bonus of a large amount of bugs in the software.

In short, creating a software product from scratch based on what sounds like a good idea at the time,can be like gambling with your time, your money and your future.

Even if you get that far, there are a few other things to think about, like:

  • What platform should I produce the software on? (Adobe Air, C++, PHP, etc.)
  • Should sell make a SaaS (Software as a Service) and if so, how?
  • How can I make sure my product really works and my customers won’t see bugs?
  • What about licenses – doesn’t JVZoo give out license keys with my software? (Nope!)
  • How do I make sure my users only install one copy and don’t share it around with their friends without paying for it?
  • How do I deliver the product, the license keys, the member site access, the email list, all of that — when a customer buys the software?
  • How can I make sure no one can steal my code?
  • How can I make sure hacked copies of my software don’t end up on Black Hat sites?
  • How do I integrate my software, licensing, member site and email list with existing affiliate platforms?

These are all things you’ll need to make decisions about (or don’t at your own peril) in the software business.

Get in touch with us today. We can help you answer some of these questions and most likely eliminate the others.

Web Dimensions Software Support Services