Is your Software Customer Proofed?

Is your Software Customer Proofed?Software is awesome

It makes our life easier and does all sorts of things that I can’t do. Without software, I wouldn’t be able to even write this post. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everyone has their favorite software. Some of my favorites are Google, WordPress (no surprises there huh?), Editplus, ICC Express, Chrome, Office 365, Photoshop, and the list could go on and on. I’m a software junkie.

I love software. If a computer can do something for me, then I want it!

Software is not fool proof

No software is fool proof. The weirdest things can be done. You can think you have covered everything and something out of left field will appear.

Every new or updated release of software I use, has required another update sooner rather then later. The biggest names in software development have huge teams of people all trying to break the software before they release it to the public, however even with all those resources, they still need to do bug fixes.

I remember my nephews playing on an old computer I owned. They managed to install an icon on my desktop that no tech (and I asked several) could ever remove. They were kids, they just were pressing buttons, playing games but some key combination put this icon on my screen. Nothing could get rid of it except a total factory reset which I wasn’t willing to do, so I had to live with it.

People can do the weirdest things and working out what they did can drive you crazy!.

Software needs to be customer proofed

Customers can be like my nephews. Not really sure what they are doing but having fun, pressing buttons, seeing what happens if they do this or that. I told my nephews to just play the games that I opened for them. They got bored and went exploring. If you think of your customers as being as curious, bored or as destructive as young children, then you need to be thinking of the ways they can break your software.

In the same way you try to child proof your house, you need to try and customer proof your software. If you aren’t prepared for most of the things they will try, do, ask about or break, you are going to be rushing after your launch to try and fix everything.

You can’t find everything that they will break, that’s just not possible. Some of your customers WILL break something, somehow. However, it’s better that they break something rare or weird that only applies to their specific problem, rather then something that all your customers are having problems with.

It’s much better for your business and software if you can say ‘1000’s of happy customers, 1 I couldn’t help because of this reason’ then social media and forums exploding about how bad your software is because of 1000’s of really mad customers because you didn’t realise that your software did ‘this’….
Getting your software customer proofed as much as possible before your launch can be the difference between making a huge profit or just scraping by as you bleed money fixing the problems afterwards.

As a software creator or developer, you need to have your software customer proofed!

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