Real World Customers

WebDSoftware - Real World UsersReal world customers are the ones who buy your software.  

Of course, this group includes marketers and developers however, the majority of your customers are people who want something to make their life easier and to make money.

They get a link to buy your product from lots of sources,  an email, Facebook, a webinar, G plus, Twitter, other social media platforms and recommendations.

They go to your sales page, read it, watch your sales video, hear your promises and they buy your software.

Congratulations, you have made a sale.

Now the fun starts!

Real World Customers aren’t experts in our field, rarely have lots of technical experience, hardly ever read all your FAQ’s and instructions about installing software and want a working product now!

So is your software Real World Customer ready?  Can it withstand all the interesting things that they can do to it?.  Are you ready for the emails and questions about how to make it work?

Did you know that they could do ‘whatever’ to your software and destroy it?  Are you prepared for them destroying their own blog and blaming you for it?  Do you have customer service or IT support ready for when ‘everything goes wrong’?

I’ve asked a lots of questions and if you haven’t prepared for them, you are potentially going to disappoint your customers, because they will do that.

If it’s a WordPress plugin, you will find your customers have installation problems, conflicts with other plugins, themes that won’t allow your product to work, and all the background CSS that ‘someone’ has added to the site that can do who knows what to how your plugin should work.

If it’s software, is it MAC or PC, did they download it ok, did they install it properly, have they put in their access details and the lists go on on how things can go wrong.

You can’t check for everything that a customer could do to your software, but you should be looking for things that can break or confuse your customers.

They want it done for them, they want it to do what they were promised and they want to get exactly the same results you got in the time frame you said it would happen.

You can’t satisfy everyone, however thinking about your customers and your preparation should cut down on customer service complaints.

If you and your quality software are prepared for your Real World customers, you WILL have happy customers.


Tania Shipman

I destroy your software

before it destroys your reputation

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