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Software Bugs Cost you Money

Software Bugs Cost you MoneyYour launch could be ruined by software bugs

When you launch your software, the last thing you need is to have your customers complaining about bugs.

There is nothing worse after a launch to find out that the software you and your developer believed was working fine, won’t work for your customers.  As the complaints start rolling in, the money you make from your launch can quickly disappears as you start fixing bugs.  

Software Bugs use up money because you have to get a fix done quickly after you have launched.  You can end up having to pay your developer big money to fix it, you might have to find another developer to fix the bug because your original one can’t or even have to start all over again, because your developer has disappeared.  

This situation can end up costing you a lot of money.

Whilst this is going on, your customers are demanding fixes, comments are appearing in forums and in social media complaining that your product doesn’t work and the refund requests start pouring in whilst you are having to spend money to get the fixes done.

Your customers are potentially repeat customers who want quality software, not some bugged software.

How you can reduce Software Bugs

Test, test and then test again.  I’ve written about Beta Testing before.  You should have alpha tested between yourself and your developer.  Make sure you have beta tested.  There are a lot of ways to find beta testers and you have to make the time in your launch window to ensure that the testing is done if you want to save money.

Your launch should be a success.  Bugs destroy that success and you are left explaining to angry customers why your software doesn’t work as advertised.  Immediately you lose credibility and you are spending money fixing problems that could have been fixed before your launch.

It’s impossible to find every software bug before a launch.  There is always something that won’t work, is incompatible with another plugin or won’t work on this or that browser, but having tested as much as possible before release will save you money.

I’ve watched a lot of launches, read a lot of forums and the attitude of customers when even small bugs are found and not fixed quickly can be savage.  The owners have to work very quickly to get fixes done.  The money saved, by spending money on beta testers before you launch, can be the difference between making money or losing money when you release.

Make sure that your software is as free of bugs as you can make it.


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