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How to Beta Test Software

Beta Testing

How to Beta Test Software When you have reached the stage in your software development when you are satisfied that it’s ready for sale to customers, that’s when you need to get some real world users beta testing your software. Testing before release will save you both time and money as there is always something that you or your developer ... Read More »

Is your Software Customer Proofed?

Is your Software Customer Proofed?

Software is awesome It makes our life easier and does all sorts of things that I can’t do. Without software, I wouldn’t be able to even write this post. 😉 Everyone has their favorite software. Some of my favorites are Google, WordPress (no surprises there huh?), Editplus, ICC Express, Chrome, Office 365, Photoshop, Paint.net and the list could go on ... Read More »

What is Beta Testing?

Beta testing is done prior to releasing your product for sale to find any bugs or issues that your software might have so that they can be fixed before your customers see them. Wikipedia says this about Beta Testing Beta testing comes after alpha testing and can be considered a form of external user acceptance testing. Versions of the software, known ... Read More »

Real World Customers

WebDSoftware - Real World Users

Real world customers are the ones who buy your software.   Of course, this group includes marketers and developers however, the majority of your customers are people who want something to make their life easier and to make money. They get a link to buy your product from lots of sources,  an email, Facebook, a webinar, G plus, Twitter, other ... Read More »

Are you producing Quality Software?

What is Quality Software

When I buy software, I want quality.  I could have spent $17 or $1997 however it doesn’t matter what the price is, I expect quality. If your product is quality software, no matter what it’s price point, you will have satisfied customers and build your reputation. What is Quality Software? Quality Software delivers! Whatever you said it could do in ... Read More »